Thursday, October 3, 2013

No Cure For the Common Cold. Or the Common Douchebag, Either.

I woke up sick early this morning, but for the first time in years, I'm not panicking. Maybe it's because I work a job where people actually give a shit about me, (they DO exist!) Maybe it's because I started the enrollment process for the ACA last night, maybe a little of both. I've been listening to people debate the pros and cons all day. Whenever I feel strongly about something and I hear negative reactions, I want to persuade someone to understand my side of things. I also try to be fair and open minded to constructive criticisms directed at the issue. But, allow me to be blunt: when it comes to hearing out the opposition on this one, I don't give a fuck, so keep it pushing, bitches. Health care, even crappy health care, has not been an option for me since I was 19 years old. Since that time, I've had a couple jobs that supposedly offered medical, but there was always some obstacle that made coverage just out of reach. For too many years, I've been stuck in the dilemma that young, (or not so young) single, childless people all over the country face: Barely making a living wage does not have leave room in the budget for insurance, definitely no room for paying cash for an office visit or prescriptions. Yes, there are government programs, but with no dependants, those are as out of reach as rain during a drought. So, every time I feel a cold coming or I twist my ankle, I panic. Go to work sick or lose a day or more in pay. Call in sick or get fired for not being able to produce a doctor's note. Take out a personal loan to get a crown and a root canal or try a more cost effective method of pain control, which is when you just pray that the tooth will hurry up and fall out so the pain will stop. Since I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last November, I've maxed out everything that California Family Pact will cover. I've been coming up clean for almost six months now, but if the cancer does come back, I'm on my own. So, because I can't afford thousands of dollars in treatment, do I deserve to be rendered barren by a hysterectomy or possibly even die? Fuck that. And what if something else happens? You start putting off procedures in hopes that someday you'll hit the lotto before you die from whatever ails you. The worst part, however, is the knowledge that you are working hard and paying your fair share, and you're still getting left behind. Bullshit. So, to all of the dissidents out there, I'm sorry. I'm selfish. I want affordable (not free) health care. I want to go to a doctor when I'm sick, instead of taking expired antibiotics and generic nyquil and hoping for the best. I work, I pay taxes, I take care of my family, and wanting my basic needs met without turning to bank robbery or prostitution sounds pretty good to me. If you dont like it, call our therapist and set up an appointment. Don't trip, your HMO will cover it. You know, the one you've had for years and is NOT being taken from you. If you disagree and are preparing a rebuttal, save it. Tell it to someone else.  Because if you missed it, allow me to reiterate: I don't give a fuck! Purely selfish, I know. I'll make an amends later. 2014 is gonna be my year! Here's to not dying from treatable disease!!

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