Tuesday, March 28, 2017


So I was raped. I haven't posted in a while. I really haven't felt the need to.
   On October 7th, 2016, I was attacked by two men. They got me from behind, I saw nothing but arms, legs and heard some voices. Needless to say, I couldn't give a very good description to police. No one has been arrested. They brutalized me. I was groped, raped and sodomized. DNA evidence was next to nothing. I had some bruises and tearing, but really nothing for anyone to go on. I felt dirty, disgusting and like the whole thing was my fault. I still feel like that. The truth is that it's not my fault. And I did the right thing I reported it. I had the forensic exam, which is pretty horrible in itself. It's really messed with my head, but I'm working on it. If anything like this has happened to you, there are people who will help you. Hell, I will. Find me on Facebook - Sarah Kirby Lopez. Message me. But definitely report it, get checked out. If anyone is hurting you in any way. We're around. We can all get better. I'm OK, and you can be, too. Together, my friend, together.