Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Sister

Terah, I miss you in a way that no one in their right mind can miss you. People have asked me all my life, "Do you feel
like half of person?"
Well, the truth is... Yes, yes I do.
I feel your presence. Day in and day out. Our birthday is coming up. We'll be thirty four, tomorrow!  I am sticking with twenty nine, if anyone asks.  I'm just a little gray, but I can bleach the absolute crap out of my hair if I feel like it. I'm a hairstylist.
Yeah, we have a brother. Samuel John Kirby. He's 27 now. I used to call him booger butt and punch him while we played Mario Bros. Now he's 6'2 and has what I call death hands. I can't beat up on him anymore. Our sister in law, her name is Kalindi. She is the most amazing mother to our nephew, Benjamin Ira Kirby. He's beautiful, and I wish you here.  This is the part where I start to cry.
I feel you every day.
Love you Terah Ann Kirby,  from your sister, Sarah Rae Kirby Lopez